Interesting things about hoodies that you didn’t know!

The original hoodie was a thick shirt that effectively kept warm in the winter for the poor in the West, specifically church monks and poor farmers. And it seems that right now, they are still not known to many people. By 1930, designers had transformed, producing the first hoodie from a clothing company named Champion for use by athletes. As popular as it is, it wasn’t until 1980 that hoodies began to appear on the catwalk in the ” Sweatserch Collection “. And from here, the view of hoodies has completely changed and even hoodie models have become part of American cultural symbols thanks to the influence of Hiphop and Streetstyle style. Up to now, hoodies are very familiar in everyone’s wardrobe with many different designs, from traditional, crop top, oversize, long style with zip hoodie base. Traditional and oversize hoodies are often suitable for men, while croptop and long hoodies are more often chosen by women thanks to the mix of designs. And if you love a dynamic, youthful style, then a hoodie is indispensable in your wardrobe.

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