What is a T-Shirt? Things to know about T-Shirts

What is a T-Shirt?

T-Shirt or Tee Shirt is a simple T-shaped fashion shirt with 2 short arms and a rectangular body. After a while, T-Shirt was introduced to Vietnam and had other names such as: T-shirt (Southern dialect) and T-shirt (Northern dialect). T-Shirts can be decorated with text or images that are often used to promote something or advertise a product, company or website. T-shirt fashion includes many styles for women and men, all ages and sizes.

History of formation and development of T-Shirt

T-Shirts were developed from undergarments used in the 19th century, used to wear two parts: bra and underwear inside overalls in which the bra part was long enough to be tucked inside. pants waist. T-shirts, with or without buttons, were worn by miners and porters in the second half of the 19th century for convenience in hot weather.

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